Relationship Reflection


A relationship is described as an emotional or other connection between people ( Relationships are important to me because they provide a circle of support. This support can come through physical support, emotional support or spiritual support.

Although I have many relationships with people however the relationships that are near and dear to my heart are the relationships with my immediate family, my friend Carolyn and my friend Quandra.

family photoThis is my family. My husband provides support in all areas. His motivating words continue to help me moving forward toward my goals and aspirations. My four children keep me grounded and bring lots of laughter into my life. Each relationship I have with my immediate family members is unique and special.

carolynfamily photo 2Quandra and Carolyn are my colleagues and friends. We support each other both in and out of work.

These relationships were built on honesty and simply loving each other unconditionally (“just because of” and “no matter what” we love each other).

Challenges that I have notice with building relationships is time. It takes time to build a relationships and many people, these days, are very short on time.

These relationships will help me with building partnerships with families because I know how much effort it takes into building and fostering relationships.


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