Time Well Spent


Three learnings that I would like to share as a result of completing this project are:

I have become connected to my passion of serving young children and their families. In this economy having affordable childcare and access to free preschool programs is important and I really want to inform families about their options.

Learning about me as a leader was very infromative. I have learned that my leadership style is not static but changes depending on the situation.

The final learning that I would like to share is about the unintended consequence as a result of my actions. While weighing the unintended consequences of my final project, I realized that everything I do will as it pertains to early childhood will have consequences that were unintentional. This means that moving forward I will have to be mindful and weigh the options of my projects.

One of my long term goals is to direct an international early childhood program that provides services and support to all families in need despite socio-economic status.

Thank you to Dr. Teri Davis for all of your support and guidance in this course. This course was practical and informational and I have already begun to implement my project. Thank you classmates for your insight, suggestions and support. I wish everyone the best of luck and my you recieve all that you ask for.


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