Exploring Roles- Local and State Levels


Three of the organizations that looked into for this assignment are the Great Start Collaborative, the Build Project, and the Head Start Collaboration Office.
I chose the Great Start Collaborative because this organization offers a voice to the field of the Early Childhood. The Collaborative attacks issues at our state level hoping to make systematic change.
The Build Project was chosen because of its 9 state collaboration.
The Head Start Collaboration Office was chosen because it build early childhood systems and access to comprehensive services and support for all low-income children; encourage widespread collaboration between Head Start and other appropriate programs, services, and initiatives; and to augment Head Start’s capacity to be a partner in State initiatives on behalf of children and their families including the involvement of Head Start in State policies, plans, processes, and decisions affecting the Head Start target population and other low-income families HISTORY: Federal funding for HSSCO was put into place in 1990 with Michigan receiving its first grant (Michigan.gov, 2011).
I did not see any positions open however, in all of the organizations, I would like to become an educational coordinator which brings other organizations together to become a true community of practice. Each of us will work towards goals the help us become a community of practice.
Communication skills are a must since I will work with other organizations. I would also get in depth information about each organization so that I would know how to work each organization.


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