Stage 5: Adjourning


The adjourning stage of team development is when the project is coming to an end and team members are moving on to other endeavors (Abudi, 2010). The groups that I have been involved in are my 20th class reunion committee and my summer school. The group that was hardest to leave is my class reunion committee. We met for the past two years doing fundraisers as well as planning. Our families became close. The relationships were real and sincere and we all were familiar with each other since we were in high school together. This is also the group that had the most clear goals established. We had specific tasks and we worked toward accomplishing those tasks together. The summer school committee also had clear goals and tasks along with specific assignments. This group was distant and I felt we did not connect as a group. Whether our planning and implementation efforts were successful won’t be determined until assessment scores are released once school begins in the fall.

Our summer school committee has not met to close everything. The adjourning session will simply be a discussion of challenges and successes and a gathering of data. Our reunion committee ended with a dinner at a restaurant where we were given reports on our ending financial balance, hits/misses of the reunion and personal reviews of  funny moments. It was great hearing what everyone else has lined up as well as receiving invitations to join them.

I imagine that our group will adjourn with online goodbyes and postings to our blogs. We will have opportunities to respond and comment. Some of us may even attend the graduation ceremonies and will be able to meet and connect there.

Adjourning is important because it is an opportunity to review best practices for future use as well as learn valuable lessons in areas that were challenges. It also gives you an opportunity to say good-bye to those whom you’ve worked with for sometime on the project.

Reference: Abudi, G. (2010). The five stages of team development: A case study. Retrieved from



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