Competent Communicator


I think it is very interesting to observe people as they communicate in a variety of settings. One of those people is my husband. He is a state trooper and in that role he is very direct. His goal on traffic stops is to educate citizens about the law while enforcing the law. I have seen him on duty only a few times but have heard him on several calls that he received while in my presence. He is also the president for class reunion which I am also on the committee. His meetings are completely opposite of what I see at home and how he is at work. The meetings are very informal and although he has ideas on the table he follows the ideas of the majority. He often sits backs and listens before inserting and he is really good at paraphrasing what someone says. He is skilled at encoding as well as decoding and I think that comes from his career. If I were to take any of his communication attributes it would be his decoding skills and how well he is able to paraphrase or summarize what someone has said…which sends a message that he really is listening.


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  1. Patricia,
    Being an active listener is so important. I couldn’t help but think about times I have been pulled over and I began to wonder if what I said really got heard. I can imagine often times with some officers what someone says probably goes completely unnoticed. I think in listening, you must take in what someone says and be able to repeat it back. I have also learned from another class that doing this requires the person who spoke to hear what they said. Often times we speak in conversation and make statements they we may not understand.

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