My Family Culture


Here is the scenario we were charged to tackle during week 2 of our class: A major catastrophe has almost completely devastated the infrastructure of your country. The emergency government has decided that the surviving citizens will be best served if they are evacuated to other countries willing to take refugees. You and your immediate family are among the survivors of this catastrophic event. However, you have absolutely no input into the final destination or in any other evacuation details. You are told that your host country’s culture is completely different from your own, and that you might have to stay there permanently. You are further told that, in addition to one change of clothes, you can only take 3 small items with you. You decide to take three items that you hold dear and that represent your family culture.

The three items I would take are: a Bible,  a flash drive/ cd’s with family photos and a family cookbook.

The Bible is what our family has built its values from so this guide is important. The flash drive and cds hold many photos and videos of family outings, reunions and old photos of my great grandmother. The last item, a family cookbook, has traveled through two generations with handwriting and notes from both my grandmother and mother. This cookbook has many of our family favorites and originals like the family dream tart.

If I had to choose only oneto take it would be the Bible since the foundation of our family was built on biblical principles.

What I’m noticing is that we don’t have many artifacts as family. Much of what have are stories and memories.


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