Reflecting on Research


There are many areas in which I have gained insight in this class. The simulation project offered a practical way for us to learn components of research such as: linguistics of research, design, ethics and methods. I have gained a better understanding of quantitative and qualitative research, experience with writing a research question as well as stating a hypothesis.

Before this course began, I was apprehensive about beginning. I worried about not getting the right information or asking the right questions. I thought I would be running around in circles with not direction on collecting and organizing data. The required reading for this course was Doing Early Childhood Reasearch by Glenda Mac Naughton, Sharne A. Rolfe and Iram Siraj-Blatchford, and it was a vehicle that allowed us to easily understand terminology, design, methods, etc. of research. Although doing a full research project will take time, our text gave us detailed explanations for each component of research.

Design offers choices and options in designing, planning and conducting research. This involves: Refining the topic and framing researchable questions, deciding the approach, consider issues related to time, place and persons, choosing methods of data collection, evaluating the feasibility of the design and modifying the design after piloting the design.

The biggest challenge I faced was developing a research question and refining it so that it was not too broad. I had to narrow it down several times in order to obtain the information I was really after. This just took several attempts to refine.

I was pleased to know that there are books targeted toward early childhood research which reassured me that matters of the young child matter.

I would just like to thank all you for your comments and insights. This was a challenging course however we were able to get through it together and for that I thank you.




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  1. Hi Trish,
    I think we all shared that feeling of apprehension eight weeks ago–but we did it! Congratulations! Thank you for all of your insights and encouragement and for sharing your thoughts on the discussion board. I felt a true sense of camaraderie in this course, more so than in others–perhaps because of that initial apprehension? I think we all have grown as EC professionals these past eight weeks. I wish you continued success in your studies and I hope to see you in the next class!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your reflection. It is very true that it is wonderful to see so many resources dedicated to research in the field of early childhood education. I think that is one of the things that make working in this field so dynamic and exciting. It is incredibly how many different fields and sciences contribute meaningful research to the field of early childhood and it is basically all available for us to use and build off of. I am really excited about the the concepts and skills this class has installed in us and I will definitely be applying them to develop more as a researcher.

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