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Research that Benefits Children and their Families


If I could research an area that would benefit children and their families, it would be on how the physical school environment affects children behavior. All children should have the best place to learn. They should not be short changed on having nice classroom furniture, bright walls, lots of maniupaltives, etc. I work in a district that has 10 schools and 9 of the schools are run down. They were all built between 1930 and 1940. The hallways are dark, the paint is old and pale, the classroom/school furniture is old and worn and many of the buildings have a lingering odor. Overall, the behavior is poor and we have very little parental support. I want to take these economically disadvantaged students and place them in a brand new building, with bright colors, new classroom/school furniture and a new playground to see if their behavior would improve from making just the physical change in environment. I feel that this change would have a huge impact on students and their behavior as well as the parents.


Personal Research Journey


Research is simply finding out about things (Naughton & Rolfe, 2010). The topic I have chosen to find out more about is Urban preschool children, how ready are they when they leave preschool? I work in a very poor district and I am also a product of the same district. We have always had our share of financial and academic challenges. What I am seeing is that we have 42% of our kindergarten students have attended some form of preschool. When assessed in kindergarten using Fountas and Pinnell assessment of reading levels, 98% of our students were at level “aa”. They knew some letters and sounds and no sight words. Socially, they are challenged to be kind and respectful. They continue to lag in fine motor skills, so now I am asking the question, is preschool really helping the urban learner?

In order to keep the research informative, ethical, meaningful, persuasive and significant one must follow certain steps (Naughton & Rolfe, 2010). We are currently formulating a specific question or issue. The problem I am having is each time I talk about the issue a different kind of question arises. The original question has changed several times. It seems as if I am refining the question the more I talk about the topic.

I have not found any articles that I want to use as of yet. In searching, there are lots of articles similar to this written by other students that surface as I am searching.

I have not finished the assignments for this week and so I can’t comment on my insights as of yet on using the research chart.

If anyone has any suggestions on refining my question or resources please feel free to share.