Revisting Issues and Trends- Final


Learning about the international early childhood field allowed me to notice the areas of similarity, such as funding and teacher training. There was much emphasis put on training teachers. Another benefit or consequence is an awareness of issues that are unique to those  countries. For instance in Africa, many of the projects highlighted helping/educating children affected by AIDS. A final consequence of connecting to international early childhood  programs is knowledge that will help as we make decisions for programs here in the United States.

A goal that I have for field of the international field is to continue learning about current trends internationally. I would like to move from just one country into other countries, learning about their trends in early childhood.

A goal for collegial relations is to continue to support their thinking through questioning and inquiry.


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  1. Hi Trish,

    I agree that it is fascinating to learn about other countries and their early childhood programs. I think we can all learn from each other.

    Best wishes for your future courses and goals!

  2. I really like your goal of learning more about international trends. I would also like to do the same and hopefully be able to incorporate some of my learning into my classroom environment. It is important to not only educate ourselves about international issues and accomplishments, but our students as well.

  3. Trisha,

    I have enjoyed following your blog this quater. I too was inspired by researching international efforts to imporve early education for children. I hope we meet up in future courses! Good luck in the rest of your studies!


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