Sharing Web Resources III


The early childhood organization I chose is the International Child resource Institute. The outside links of this website linked to sites of their projects. is a project funded by the ICRI  to give children a place where they can learn through music and movement. is a project that helps children who are made vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Sub-Sahara Africa. is a project that improves the lives of African children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

I explored the consulting tab and noticed that the ICRI provided consultation in areas such as:

  • child care facility design and development
  • needs assessment evaluations
  • program design and implementation
  • program monitoring and evaluation
  • strategic planning
  • program administration and oversight
  • fund development and fiscal management
  • resource procurement
  • legislative and policy planning support
  • training and capacity building

The ICRI worked with the Central Bank of Malaysia to create a state- of- the art work- related childcare development center. Of its many projects, the ICRI also worked with the California Consortium of Child Abuse Councils to develop a coordinated system of local child abuse prevention councils throughout the state.

The focus of excellence is found through its projects of training educators. In Kenya Watoto Wonder Bus is a mobile training unit used to train teachers and administrators in low-income areas. The National Center for Learning Resources is another unit for training educators as well as providing resources.

In every project funded by the ICRI is a opporutnity for teacher training. The ICRI value education of young children as well the adults who are helping to develop the minds of the young child.



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  1. This is the first time I visit your website because usually is a blog is not from BlogSpot I have a hard time posting comments. Anyway I love Project Commotion I visit their website and I fall in love with it. I really wish we can have something similar where I live since I’m a parent of a five year old that is full of energy and love music. I definitely believe that this is an asset since is driven to what children love to make them learn and burn energy 🙂

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