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The organization I selected is the International Child Resource Institute. This organization helps to improve the lives of children and families around the world. The areas of focus for this organization are early childhood care and education, children’s rights, empowerment of women and children, maternal and child health and grassroots community development. This international organization has many projects around the world including the United States, Kenya, Nepal, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, Norway, and Chile. The link to this website is The organization publishes a monthly newsletter. The most recent focused on seeking ratification from the United States on the Rights of the Child.

Something interesting that I found that connects to our topic this week (Changing Demograpics), the projects were based on the needs of the culture. In Nepal and Ghana, there were needs to support and train teachers, in Zimbabwe the need was to serve those children who have been affected by AIDS and in the United States, the need was more bilingual schools.

Here is a link to photos of some of the projects ICRI have been involved in .


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  1. I love reading about International organizations aimed at helping children because there are so many issues that they are able to tackle and make large differences in the lives of so many. I have also always been passionate about the empowerment of women because I do think that it makes a huge difference in the lives of children. I also always enjoy reading about different issues around the world and ways in which these types of organizations are able to successfully improve the lives of children and what they learn from their successes and obstacles.

  2. Patricia,

    Your post highlighted a poignant fact; all children need support no matter the country of orgin or ethnicity of the children. The US does need bilingual teachers and the fact that there is a lack of these teachers available jeopardizes the educational success of so many students. Our education problems in this country must be resolved.

    You also are reinforcing the overwhelming theme I am learning here at Walden that I must look a child advocacy from a global view point. I am learning that many countries share the same struggles. Are you learning ant new advocacy strategies or techniques as you study childcare trends across the globe?

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