Making Professional Connections Abroad


Learning about education, more specifically, Early Childhood in other countries is fascinating. You find many similarities and even more differences. Some of the challenges are similar world-wide, especially when it boils down to budget.

The steps I have taken to establish connection with other professionals are sending emails to contacts listed with The Global Alliance of NAEYC. I sent ten messages out and so far six of them were undeliverable. I have also emailed several representatives in other countries that are listed with UNICEF. I am still awaiting a response. I am in great hopes that some of the organizations will respond.

The World Forum Foundation Radio will be a great alternative but it does not compare to having  personal contacts.

When deciding which Early Childhood Organization website to follow I knew that I wanted a site out of the United States. So I visited the sites in other countries and decided on the International Child Research institute site. I signed up to receive updates and their quarterly newsletters.

Although I have not made any professional connections I will continue to try for the next few days and if none have been made then I will follow-up with alternative suggestions.


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  1. I feel that learning from other countries and cultures are important. I think that connecting with different people helps us to learn more about how to interact and educate our children that may come from different areas of life.

  2. Hi Trisha,

    I was glad to have the podcasts to fall back on and especially glad that the one I chose had more links I could explore for more in depth information. I have not had any luck establishing personal contact yet either–it seems that we are not alone! Most of the class is struggling to find someone…

    Good luck and I hope your contacts come through!

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